preprocessor.standardizer package


preprocessor.standardizer.standardizer module

This File contains the Standardizer class. To run this script uncomment or add the following lines in the [options.entry_points] section in setup.cfg:

console_scripts =
standardizer = standardizer.__main__:main

Then run python install which will install the command standardizer inside your current environment.

class preprocessor.standardizer.standardizer.Standardizer(conf)[source]

Bases: preprocessor.preprocessor.Preprocessor

The Standardizer preprocessor class

Core preprocessor task after starting the instance with the main method.
Decide from the arguments, what method to call.

Args: args (obj): command line parameters as objects


Standardize the dataset from a config file.


Parse command line parameters

Parameters:args ([str]) – command line parameters as list of strings
Returns:command line parameters namespace
Return type:argparse.Namespace

Standardize the dataset.


Save preprocessed data and the configuration of the preprocessor.[source]

Entry point for console_scripts

Module contents